Reconnecting false nodes in master

I can’t dragging the end point of a connecting line to the correct shape in the master compability mode. The starting points (triangle) work out well, put “normal” nodes can’t get clicked. Is it necessary to hold another key? Or which tool (arrow? pen?) is to be used for?
Thank you!

The connection line dragging is only possible on the other layers. Otherwise you could not edit the outline any more. Or do you mean something else?

Do you mean that you want to edit node links other than those of the first (starting) node of a path? This is not possible. You need to make sure the paths share the same point structure, and “link” them using their first node.

Yes, that’s what I meant :slight_smile: I’d would be easy to correct any node this way (not just the startings nodes)… I’ve very complex icons, I can see the problem in the path but can’t correct it easily… I just thought, that there would be a key combination to press…ok, but I try to solve it on other ways. Thank you nevertheless!

This technically wouldn’t work. For paths to be able to interpolate, they need to be drawn with the same exact point structure. All you then can do is define the first node of a path, as well as the order of paths.

Can you give an example what you are trying to do?