Recycling file problem

Hi there, I am trying Glyphs for the very first day - just needed to add CE glyphs to Western font… First I tried full version - it worked nice. Then I tried Mini version to see if that is good enough for my needs but now I have a problem. I just opened font file and app crashed. Now when I open Glyphs mini, it opens font file I was changing but I cannot close it. As the font is locked it offers Duplicate or OK options - clicking any of them keeps the file open still with the same Duplicate/OK option. No way to close it, tried to delete app and reinstall - no help, deleted prefs - no help. Does anybody have any idea what to do?
Thanks in advance, Radek

Problem solved - I deleted file which app is still opening… :slight_smile:

Sorry, not so quite solved… when I open different font file it happens again - wants to duplicate as font is locked and no way to close it… so please if any idea…
Thanks in advance. R