Red sidebearing values and non-whole numbers

Hi, I’m using Glyphs 2.0 and revisiting the spacing of my font.

I’ve noticed some of my sidebearings are in red: “=o-5 (18.15)”.
I’ve a feeling this is to do with another master which is still in its infancy and is highlighting some issue, but I couldn’t find any mention of it in the forum or handbook. Would someone please let me know what it means?

The other small issue is that I’m trying to add a whole number to my ‘n’ e.g. 32 but it’s substituted with 31.59. Regardless of the number entered Glyphs rounds it down to .59 which is strange. Referencing glyphs may show the whole number or something close but not the same: “=n+20 (51.90)”.
Is this a bug or something I’m doing incorrectly.


That sidebearing is set to base its size on another glyph’s sidebearing (the o, minus 5 units). But in the course of editing the glyphs, you must have altered the distance between the most extreme contour and the sidebearing guide. The red tells you that the sidebearing was previously set to o-5, but is currently no longer matching that setting. You can hit Cmd-Option-M to update metrics, which will re-set the glyph’s sidebearing to what’s indicated in the formula.
For the fractional sidebearings, this is usually caused by not have nodes at the horizontal extrema. Consequentially some curve actually hits its extreme in between grid lines, but Glyphs is keeping the sidebearing line on the grid.

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Thank you Elison. Much appreciated.
I had tried updating the metrics to no avail but fixing the extremes on both glyphs fixed both issues. Sloppy positioning on my part!