Reference Point mode in transformations

How do I use the Reference Point mode? I got it to half work once. I was able to get a reference point on the working area but couldn’t move it afterwards. Now I can’t even get the reference point at all.

Any help?

You need to switch to one of the transformation tools like the rotate tool. A simple click with it will set a new reference point.

Oh, Thanks!

I need a follow up on the transformation modes.

  1. Create a rectangle of 100 x 100 units
  2. Set the percentage in the transformation palette to 50%
  3. Hit the - (minus) button.
  4. The rectangle rescales to only 66 units.

Shouldn’t it rescale to 50 units? Maybe I don’t understand its function.

Oh, BTW, I noted that a user can do simple math in the various measurement areas. Very cool!

The transformation panel is a bit “special”. The minus button does actually the opposite of the plus button. So, if you first hit the plus button, it will scale to 150%. If you then hit the minus button, it scales back to the size from the beginning.

Yea, not really sure how it fully functions after reading your post and trying it out again. I’ll keep playing with it. In the meantime, I have good luck with inputs to the measure area at the bottom of the glyph windows.