Registering a font as a trademark

I want to register the name of a font as a (word)trademark in Germany. Does anybody know which classes I am supposed to use regarding the Nice Classification? 9 and 16? Do you have tips for registering? Thanks.

Classes? Do you mean name table IDs? I have no experience with registering trademarks, but you can find info about name IDs in the handbook appendix and on

Hi mekkablue,

thanks for your answer. To register a trademark you have to assign the name you want to register to one of 45 groups, the so called classes.
What I can read from your answer is, that it is uncommon to register fonts as a trademark, isn’t it?

Oh now I see. The only thing I remember was a friend of mine registering a type design EU-wide, not as a trademark though but as a Geschmacksmuster (don’t know the English term). It cost a lot of money and to this day, I don’t think it helped with anything.

Geschmacksmuster = design patent. It protects the design.

Trademarks refer to the name of the font, not the design. I don’t know which class(es) you would have to register for, though. And I do not know anyone who has registered the name of their font. Isn’t there already some sort of protection by being the first one to use that name?

7 is used for the trademark.

Others that you may want to fill in are:
8 - Manufacturer’s name
9 - Designer’s name
0 - Copyright notice
…and of course all of the relevant name classes.