Registration error

I’m having trouble registering my glyphs application. When I double click on the licence file, glyphs displays the following error message: "Registration Problem – There was a problem saving the registration."
Thanks, Nicolas

This most likely has to do with file permissions of the preference files. Can you check if the folders: ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost have proper permissions. Your user has to have read/write permissions on both folders. If there are any files with com.GeorgSeifert in the name, delete those. Then restart the mac and try again.

If that doesn’t work use this command in the terminal:
sudo /Applications/ "/Path/To/Your/License/File.glyphs2license"
(Change the path to point to your license file)

Thanks for your quick reply.
I deleted all the com.GeorgSeifert files and it worked.
Cheers, Nicolas