Regular master as component in italic master?

I have a font where the left and right parentheses are mirror images of each other, and the italic is just a 12º skew of the regular. So I thought I’d use the left parenthesis as a component to build the right parenthesis.

But of course this goes horribly wrong with the italic. The skew is the wrong direction, and undoing the skew twice isn’t a perfect match for the original path. And components always stay in sync based on the current master; I can’t seem to use the regular ( as a component in the italic ).

I suspect the answer to my quandary is “You can’t use components that way; don’t try”, but I thought I’d ask before giving up. Thanks for your time.

What happens when you, instead of mirroring the parents, to 180° rotate them (or flip in both directions)?

Unfortunately, they are not radially symmetrical.

…but running Symmetrify on it looks good enough to me that I think I can make it work. Thank you!