Reinterpolate function

I’ve just discovered the reinterpolate function, hidden on the layers palette settings button, and am finding it very useful to generate quick outlines for missing masters that can then be fiddled. But it would be even more useful if it could work with 4 masters (or more), given an outline in two masters.

  • If I design light and bold, I can generate a quick regular in between them, and a black extrapolated from the bold. But if I have a light and a regular, it doesn’t allow me to extrapolate a bold or black, which seems like it should work the same way.

  • If I design light and black but have the two middle masters missing, the magic doesn’t work. (I’m working around for now by pasting the light and black into the regular and bold and then iteratively reinterpolating those two middle weights until the outlines settle into position.)

Extrapolation should work. At least it does in my files.

I tries to get something out of all but the selected masters. I see if it works to ignore other empty masters, too.