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I’m about to release my first (free) plugin and I would like to ask the forum about recommendations in these cases. Things that came to my mind were licenses, versioning,… I saw that most of the free plugins are available on Github so any tips for this?


If it is free, put it up on GitHub, and let me know, and I’ll add it to the Plugin Manager.

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About updates: Just push them to GitHub and the Plugin Manager will download the new code eventually.

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Great, thank you so much! So I don’t need anything else besides the code, right? I’m going to put also a screenshot of the plugin just in case it is needed in the plugin manager. Where does the plugin manager take the small text describing the use of each plugin?

Here’s the info about getting a plugin added to the Plugin Manager (step 5):

which also links to the Glyphs Packages repository and should hopefully answer those questions.