Remove axis in variable font export

Hello, I have a workflow question:

I have a font where I substitute glyphs with rlig, so that I have an axis CSTM to switch between two font styles (some glyphs get swapped). Since this doesn’t work in Illustrator, I want to export two separate variable fonts for each font style.

I have taking care of Rename Glyphs, Remove Features, Remove Glyphs, everything works fine, but what I get is a variable font with an extra axis CSTM which is simply useless. Is there a way to remove this axis in the export with some custom parameter? Or can I simply edit it out in the STAT and fvar tables?

A custom parameter for variable font exports to hide axes would be great.

Thanks for any tips! Splitting the file into extra glyphs files just for exporting variable subsets is quite annoying :grin:

Uh, PSA: Editing STAT and fvar if you don’t know what you’re doing is a bad idea.

For Illustrator issue, duplicate and copy-paste your feature of rlig in a feature liga
Illustrator seems don’t activate rlig as all other softwares, but activates liga by default.