Remove component from multiple glyphs


I have a component that I use in multiple glyphs. If I delete it, I am left with a “missing base glyph” message in the glyphs that the component was used. Is there any easy way to remove the component and all of its instances in all of the glyphs?


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There is no build in solution, yet. This could be easily solve by a script.

Thanks Georg. My scripting=0 but it was a hypothetical question, so it’s good to know before I do anything.

There now is a script in my GitHub repository that does exactly that. Have fun.

Wow @mekkablue! This is fantastic! Thank you very much!

Is this still the case? I’m not following of how to fix it?

If you remove a glyph in font view, it will ask you what to do with the composite glyphs.