Remove External Overlap

I had this script to remove external overlaps, but it no longer works, it looks like the addPath_ function doesn’t work anymore?

This is explained here: Scripting: Upgrading to Python 3 | Glyphs

And I would write it like this:

#c = Layer.selection[0]
#c.componentMasterId = Font.masters[1].id

#MenuTitle: Remove External Overlaps
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Removes external overlaps for selected Glyphs

import GlyphsApp
from GlyphsApp import GSPathPen

ListOfSelectedGlyphs = [ l for l in Font.selectedLayers if hasattr(l.parent, 'name')]

for thisLayer in ListOfSelectedGlyphs:
	for path in thisLayer.paths:
		pen =
		newPath = pen.layer().paths[0]
		path.nodes = newPath.nodes
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