Remove Glyphs custom parameter referring to a class?

I have a project with 20 instances and for 14 of these instances I want to remove a bunch of glyphs on export.

I don’t like the idea of having to update the list of glyphs in the Remove Glyphs parameter for each of these 14 instances whenever I change that list. It’s not only cumbersome but also prone to errors.

I thought it would be elegant if I could define a glyph class @remove_from_regular_styles, which I then include in the Remove Glyphs custom parameter.

Would it be possible to implement this, or is there another solution?

You can use wildcards instead of full glyph names, e.g., *.ss01. Not sure if it helps in your case.

Oh, excellent, thanks! Wildcards do exactly the job in my case.

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I am affraid that this doesn’t work anymore

Did you make sure you have the wildcard on a separate line?