"Remove overlap" — How it worked?

Hi, Rainer & Georg

Some time ago, on the website of Myfonts, requirements for the validation of new fonts were introduced.

Often validator gives out the error “Glyph contour does not intersect itself”, but we know for sure that the contours in our fonts are sterile.

As a recommendation, we are invited to use Glyphs and use the “Remove overlap” script to clear the contours.

We are happy to take this advice from Myfonts for the case when our sources are created in Glyphs, however, as you know, sometimes we work in older programs.

Unfortunately, we were not able to get the logs from the server, which performs validation, to make our own algorithm for checking our old fonts.

Could you help us with this issue? It would be very helpful if you could describe the algorithm and logic of the “Remove overlap” script (In short, so that we understand where to dig).

I don’t know what you like to know.

If you think your contours are fine and you still get the error, you need to ask Monotype for details.

If you use another software then Glyphs, you need to check their documentation.