Remove overlap not working!

The font I have designed is not exporting. But first the shapes that are overlapped are not merging with the remove overlap command

Which error message do you get? How are you exporting? OTF? Webfonts?

You do not need to remove overlap yourself. Leave the overlap removal to the export (there is an option in the export dialog).

Can you post a screenshot of one of your paths that is not merging?

Hey thanks …

I updated the Glyphs app…
and now the overlap works…
however while exporting there seems to be some issue

this is what happens when I choose only a few glyphs to export

and this happens when I export all the glyphs

The first error is because you have feature code (in Font Info > Features) that references glyphs that are not in the exported font. You can disable then for now.

Do you have a dist feature in Font Info > Features? If you have one, delete it. If not, you can try to add a Use Extension Kerning custom parameter to the font (and check its checkbox).

The font is not following the suggested glyph naming scheme. Are you opening an existing font? Consider the suggestions in this tutorial: