RemoveOverlap and Decompose Glyphs for GX file

I run the Decompose Glyphs and RemoveOverlap filters on my instances. But this doesn’t run when generating the GX file. Can I put those parameters somewhere else for GX files?


Overlaps stay in OTVar fonts. There is no overlap removal. This is a problem of the renderer, not your font. The only thing you have to make sure is that your path directions are correct.

Aha, thank you – good to know. I will check out the nightly webkit and see if it’s any better.

Hmm, on a similar note – corner rounding also does not work. Can that be moved from instance to master maybe?

If you want to export an OTVar font, you don’t get normal instances, but you have to have compatible outlines. Export filters cannot guarantee compatibility. So you have to apply the rounding to the master and reestablish compatible outlines everwhere again.