Removing overlap on steroids

I’m not sure if it is possible, but removing overlaps just on the segment of the glyph (let’s say selected points) would be great.

You can use knife tool if you want to partially merge outlines, though the result isn’t literally the same.

I know that, but I had in mind something else. Cyan colored is a segment I want to remove overlap. On the Magenta part I don’t.

In this case:

  1. Double click the upper path to select it
  2. Cmd-Shift-O

If you want to merge magenta though…

It works for the upper segment, but not for the lower.

Then I would experiment with Reconnect Nodes.

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Thanx, it works.

yea the remove overlap functions on a indidual shape
or selection of multiple shapes, but not on path segments (as far as i know).
so removing the cyan happens if only the top shape is selected, but would also remove any other overlap within this shape.

the magenta overlap on the other hand has no way of being resolved without
@Tosche trick, and this is also how i would normally do to solve this problem.

But lets imaging an actual function.
What is it that would make this accessible from a ui perspective?

If we had Implied nodes at the crosses of paths (selectable but not movable),
and if those were selected the remove overlap (in other words connect shapes) could maybe target that distinct section.

that would save the constructionsteps @mekkable outlined.
same technique could be applied to individual open corners of a shape…

I’d also find it helpful to remove overlaps on only selected parts of a glyph.

Don’t use the Remove Overlap filter, use the Remove Overlap transformation instead:

Remove Overlap filter and transformation work exactly the same for me.

EDIT: They do set the first node different!

Try it with some nodes selected.

Yes, the filter works the same as the transformation whether or not i have nodes selected.
That’s what i meant before i added the edit and gif showing that they set the first node differently.

hey @SimonC, thanks for pointing this out, i must admit that I’ve avoided using these functions
as ive always found these options unintuitive if not unreliable as to how they work.
for whatever that means…

however, if remove overlap did exactly what happens in your screen-capture wouldn’t that be what we expect?