Removing overlaps

Coming from Linux and FontForge, I’m trying to understand the mechanics of Glyphs. This is why some of my problems are very elementary.
Now, about removing overlaps: FF allows you to remove them from the .sfd file when you “export”, or rather you create the .otf file.
However, it also allows you to do this (as I believe older versions of Fontlab did) while drawing glyphs. For example, I draw two rectangles, one vertical and one horizontal, that intersect. At this point with the Elements - Remove overlaps menu, I get directly a cross sign or | + | inside the .sfd file, even before and regardless of whether to export the file.
I don’t understand if this procedure is also possible with Glyphs.
Thank you

You can remove overlaps manually with PathRemove Overlap (Command-Shift-O) or select the paths that you want to join and click the Remove Overlap button in the Transformations palette.

You can also keep the overlapping paths in the Glyphs file and only remove overlaps on export with the Remove Overlap option in the Export dialog:

Have a look at the Glyphs Handbook for details on the various features in Glyphs:

Thanks, now I read some sections of the manual better.
Is there a new updated edition planned?