Removing PUA Values to large group of glyphs

A customer asked to add PUA values to a font so they can access extras in a program that doesn’t have OpenType features, but now I want to remove the values because it’s messing up the order of the font in Glyphs 3. How can I do this to a large group of characters? Thanks!

That sounds a bit like a task for a script.

Paste the code below to the Macro window (make sure other bits in the code are commented out, in other words type # at the beginning of each line you want to disable), select the glyphs you want to remove code points, and run:

for l in Glyphs.font.selectedLayers:
	l.parent.unicodes = []

WIZARD! Thank you Tosche!

…or select them all in the Font tab and reset the Unicode value in the bottom left: type a space and delete it straight away.

Ah, I was going to try that but the names were all grayed out so I thought it wouldn’t work. Should have tried anyway.