Removing white corners

Glyphs 2.6.2 (1233). Trying to convert old project into variable font. Problem is that there are a lot of white corners to manually go trough. Is there a function like “Remove overlaps” that targets only white corners? Or some other automated way to handle these?

Another thing: when I select the nodes, “Reconnect nodes” doesn’t come up in the context menu if there’s a handle point selected along with the nodes. The fastest method to go trough all the white corners is to click on to empty place and select the corner nodes by drawing a selection box over the corner. This usually selects the handle point as well and then I have to carefully target the handle to unselect it. You might consider to enable “Reconnect nodes” when the selection includes the handle point, in future versions of Glyphs? It is very small inconvenience but accumulates fast when there’s a lot of corners to go trough.

As fare as I remember, the variable font export is supposed to remove them. I’ll have a look.

Ok. The variable font I exported (with Glyphs version mentioned in the beginning), still contained white corners.

Alt-selecting points does actually ease the manual work a little, thanks.

Another suggestion for “Reconnect nodes”: Maybe it is possible to develop that function so that it tries to keep start point order and path order intact when it is applied.

If you didn’t do this in a very recent build, then no. I had them in my exported fonts, too. If you’re talking about these outside overlapping corners, right?

I thought there was something. If the layer contains a corner component, then it will also remove the outside overlap. I had a look at the code and I did implement it but somehow disabled it later.

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Mark, that’s right – outside overlaps.

Very good to hear that implementation is possible!

I fixed it. Will update tomorrow.



Gonna bring those open corners back into my file now. Really appreciate those in letters like w and M :smiley:

Yes, really nice. Thanks Georg!

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