Rename glyph and sort to others section

Hi, I’d like to clean up my font tab and move some glyphs to the others section at the bottom.
For example renaming a.ss01 to _a.ss01 moves the glyph to the others section. Unfortunately this doesn’t work for numbers or symbols. Any idea without using filters?

I would not rename glyphs like this. That is messing up to much.

What is the reason you like to move those glyphs? Is it just to better see the remaining glyphs? or do you like to move them in the final font too?

In the first case, you really should use filters.
In the second case: Why? And if it is really needed, use a glyphOrder parameter.

You could manually set the categories (select the glyph and press Command+Option+i) and check the box next to “Category” and select “Other” from the popup button. But as I said, that will mess things up.

Yes, it is basically to have a tidy and clean font tab with all the smart glyphs and draft glyphs that I don’t want to delete at the very bottom.
For kerning and spacing I often go through the glyphs using fn+left/right arrow and I was thinking of a way how I might not stumble across the glyphs I don’t use because fn+left/right arrow cycles through all glyphs only.

Anyways, I know, nothing that can’t be done with the filters in order to have things clean.

Thanks for the speedy response!

When you filter the glyphs in font view (e.g. selecting Latin > Basic), and then you press Fn+Shift+left/right, you jump only between glyphs visible in font view.

@GeorgSeifert Great, that helps! Thanks!