Rename glyphs parameter does not work in variable font

Seems like something went wrong with Rename Glyphs custom parameter:

It happens only in variable font. In separate styles everything is OK.

3.0.4 (3097)

Most custom parameter from regular instances are ignored when exporting variable fonts.
Add a “Variable font Setting” and add the parameter there.

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Rename Glyphs in Variable font Setting, as far as I figure out, doesn’t support logic.

According to the “Switching Shapes” tutorial, I set up the rlig feature, which works just brilliantly. And if I understand correctly, this solution better fits the specification.

Thank you!

So you like to switch the glyphs only for that instance? That doesn’t work. Because an instance defines a point in the interpolation space and for feature variations, it needs a range.

So for variable fonts, you need to write feature conditions in the rlig feature. Or use bracket layers (those work for both, static and variable).

No-no, I needed exactly what the tutorial about — to switch dollar and cent design for bold styles.

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