Rename Glyphs parameter- one way substitution only?

I’m using the rename glyphs parameter to export instances with alternate forms. It swaps out the regular glyphs with .ss01, and then I use a custom parameter to remove the now swapped .ss01 However, it’s having unintended consequences where I’m using the alternate (.ss01) glyphs as components and they’re being swapped out for the regular ones. Is there a way to have a one way substitution only so that .ss01 replaces the regular but not vice versa?

And what to do with the replaced glyphs?

What are those unwanted consequences?

You can decompose them first with a filter parameter.

This might be the solution here, I don’t want to decompose them permanently, but at export time works pretty well. Thanks!

ps- now I see that this case is even mentioned in the parameter documentation. awesome

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