Renaming Corner Components

Just noticed that renaming a corner component does not update the name across the glyphs using it. The relationship between the newly renamed corner component and the components in use in other glyphs is broken, and (whilst still displaying in the glyph) they point nowhere.

Is this intentional? The expected behaviour IMO would be that the name updates globally.



Just stumbled on that too in 2.5b, I was surprised to find that the component name hasn’t updated throughout as expected (I think I remember Glyphs doing that somewhere else). Is that intentional?

Sorry to be excavating this topic, but it seems a 100% fit and quite a tricky issue with corners.

In Version 2.5b (1125) renaming a corner component will not update the glyphs that use that corner. What’s worse, the old corner looks like it’s present until you try to decompose, which is when the non-existent reference to the now renamed corner becomes apparent. So with a renamed corner you might be looking at a font thinking it is looking like you see it, but upon decomposing all hell breaks loose, plus you have to go in to every glyph and relink the corner (assuming it was a serif, this is a major PITA).

Edit: Somewhat related… I can’t find a way to access corner components via the API (a layer with corners will report layer.components as empty), in order to recursively change the component reference in all glyphs of the font. Is there a way?

I finally have fixed this.


The Corners are implemented as hints (GSHint Corner), not as components.

Superb, thanks Georg!

Cheers for the info Mark, I wouldn’t have guessed, but looking at the API for the hints it makes (programmer) sense :smiley: