Renaming glyph bug

I ran into some errors while renaming glyphs. For example I wanted to rename ff into f_f for the liga feature. After reselecting the particular glyph, its name has then automatically changed to ff.ss01.001. Selecting this name again and changing it back to f_f it then changes to ff.ss01.002.

This is only one example. I’ve also had this happen with currency signs, etc.

GL V. 2.4 (939)

Any ideas?

I cannot reproduce it. Can you try the latest cutting edge version and see if it reoccurs?

It might be the auto complete of the text field. If you type and and wait a second, it will try to suggest a name.

Might be causing it, but I don’t wait until I confirm my renaming…

Downloaded Version 2.4.1 (944) and it seems to work there just fine. Although I didn’t want to use cutting edge versions anymore…