Renaming Glyphs

As we know, Pen and Glyphs are not the best combination still, and as I have to (quite often) repeat selection and comands, it happens that I rename Glyph mistakenly. It is letter or two from pressing keyboard shortcut and I find renamed glyph laying down in “Other”, but simple approve “Rename Glyph / Yes / No” could help me.
I know I’m not the only one with pen instead of mouse so maybe somebody else see this problem also.

Where and how exactly do you accidentally rename a glyph? In Font View when you try to select something?


And how does it happen? Do you accidentally click in the name, or somehow trigger a Return key signal with the pen?

Instead on the letter I klick (and select) name bellow. Than I klick Cmd_something (T, R…) and hit enter.
It happens not just to add letter to the glyph name but also erase some letters.
Yesterday, I renamed asciicircum to asciicrum.

I think it is solvable by simple approve to avoid accidents.

That would significantly slow down people who want to change a bunch of glyph names, where batch-renaming cannot be applied. Perhaps we can find a way to make it less probable to accidentally trigger the rename, e.g., require a double click for changing the name, but that has its problems too. Perhaps it is better to reduce the trigger to just return because we expect the user to be on the keyboard anyway if she/he wants to change the name.

Fair enough, but as I’m obviously the only one clumsy here, I have to be more careful.
'cause I’m not changing pen for a mouse.

I wonder how you can use the pen to draw precisely if you can’t avoid the glyph names. I kind of had a similar experience when I tried a pen/tablet and stopped using it because of it.

Or, as a workaround, you could downscale so far that the names are not displayed anymore. But then, you may not hit the right glyphs anymore because they are so small :slight_smile: SCNR.

@Georg, old habits, I’m using pen from mid 90’s because of shoulder pain, and I’m very, very precise with it. I work on two big screens at my daily job, as at home.
When selecting glyph in Fontographer and FLS it was not possible to select glyph name and edit it

Pen is a great tool, with higher precision and less strain on the whole arm area. I thinks Glyphs would benefit a lot from letting designers choose their own tools for drawing and editing.

Yet another pen user who started out drawing alphabets during the 90’s