Renaming Kerning + Exporting Custom Names


I’m working on Kannada + Telugu and am currently facing 2 issues -

  1. Glyphs 2.0 is crashing when I try to rename Kerning groups manually in the Kerning window.

  2. Custom glyph names are not exporting ok for TTF files. ‘Update Glyph’ info is renaming the glyphs. I’m not sure how this works. I’ve also selected ‘Custom Glyph Naming’ under ‘Other Settings’. When I open the same file in Glyphs Version 1.4.5, its not recognising a few component glyphs but retains the glyph names in the TTF file.

I checked the renaming and it didn’t crash for me but didn’t work either. I’ll fix it.

And if you like to have exactly the names you set up in Glyphs to be used in the exported font, you need to add a Don’t use Production Names custom parameter in the instances.