Renaming Metrics


Situation: I couple the width (sidebearing left, right) of the H to the N, so I enter H as a “value”. But then I define the original H as a style set and create a new H with different values.
(H and N are only examples to explain.)

Problem/Question: By renaming the H to H.ss0x, all glyphs that use H as a metric turn green and are no longer coupled, or get the new value coupled. Is there a short cut, a script or a trick to define the newly named glyph as a value-giver again, i.e. to enter the H.ss0x for the N - without having to do this manually everywhere?

(Have I described the problem in a comprehensible way?)

You can try the “Metrics Key Manager” from the mekkablue script repo.

There’s also a Find and replace in metrics keys.