Renaming of font files after they've been generated

Does it cause problems to rename the font files once generated? Here, (for obscure web delivery reasons I only partly understand) the names have been changed by inserting a hyphen between each word. The “internal” names, as listed in Properties, are unchanged, and a test on a few weights seems to indicate they still look the same in font menus in Adobe apps, though I’ve not exhaustively checked. This seems, on the face of it, to be a bad idea, but I’ve been assured it’s no problem. Should I worry? Thanks

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 4.31.16 pm

No need to worry. Changing the filenames won’t cause a problem.

There is a fileName parameter.

Good news, thanks, Composerjk.
Georg - not sure I understand - is it recommended that I set the altered file name with a custom parameter, or can I just rename them by highlighting and changing the file name as you would any other file? Thanks

I also assume it’s fine across the board - WOFFs, OTs, the display in font menus, etc?

The file names don’t matter for the functionality of the font. The parameter is just there that you don’t need to rename the files every time you export.

Thanks, Georg - looks like I’m good, then.