Rendering glitch

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 12.58.38 pm
There’s a strange angle on the top right of the G. This appears in Illustrator, but not in Indesign. Only the 'Book" weight is affected. The ‘Book’ is an interpolated weight, and neither the masters either side or the nearby interpolated weights have it. Any ideas? It’s like this at different point sizes and magnifications. The effect remains if I turn to outlines, but vanishes if I fiddle with the point placement.

(I have a .mov screen movie of it, but I can’t seem to upload that format?)

Yes that would be too much here. You would need to upload movies somewhere else and place a link here.

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I’ll email it to you

This is apparently an AI issue. Since it happens with the decomposed paths within AI. Static CFF, static TTF, or Variable Font?

Hi Rainer. sorry, I’m not sure hat you’re asking here: “Static CFF, static TTF, or Variable Font?” - it’s a standard OT font

I’ve asked my contact at Adobe to look into it

Does the same issue appear if you add an inflection point? You can do this automatically by using Filter > Insert Inflections.

That requires the plug-in of the same name

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Reply from Adobe:

Hi Rian,

We have already filed a ticket with the Ai team for a similar bug, and it looks related. Would it be possible to send us the font file in question, and detailed steps to reproduce? Then we can attach to the ticket.

Would this filter give rise to interpolation kinks?

If the filter is applied after the interpolation, it should be fine.

Thanks, Georg. Can you specify which glyphs it applies to, or is it global?

If you add the filter “Insert Inflections” to an instance it will apply to all glyphs. You can limit it with a “include:” or “exclude:” argument.