Rendering problems

For some reason my letters are not rendering well. Basically, when previewing the .otf file the lines disappear. But they’re actually there if I zoom in inDesign. I’ve been playing around with the hinting but couldn’t solve the problem. I’ve even copied elements from “w” (which was rendering well to “v”, but still a bad rendering.
The problem occurs on these glyphs:
Thin weight: B V v w y e
Thin Italic: N V v d

I have no idea what am I doing wrong, and I’ve tried everything (I know) before hitting you with questions. Can you help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

Can be anything. Path direction? Removed overlaps? Is it regular enough for hinting?

Can you post screenshots of how it looks in Glyphs and in Indesign?

Here’s the screenshot @GeorgSeifert

Finder previews of OTFs are cached, so you may see old versions of your font. Are you aware of font cache problems? If not, read this please:

What exactly is the problem in the Glyphs and InDesign renderings?

If you want us to have a look at the .glyphs file, please send it to support (at) (this website without www).

It renders well on Glyphs and inDesign, but when I’m previewing the .otf file in the finder some elements of the italic “N” disappear and the “v”, “w”, “V” and “y” look like they are fading away.
I’ve checked and it’s not a cache problem. I’m going to send you the files.

Many thanks for your help guys.