Replace Component script crashes

Every time I try to run this script it crashes Glyphs, right at the point when I try to edit the “with” field; I can specify which component to replace, but the next step causes the crash. I’ve got the cutting edge version of Glyphs 2 running.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version if it still crashes?

Note that my last sentence mentions I’m using the latest version.

Did you send crash reports? Do you have v799?

I have v 799. I didn’t file any reports because actually Glyphs is freezing when I run the script: I’ve had to force quit Glyphs each time, and the only report available is a lengthy one intended for Apple. Do you want one of those?

Just to be sure, you mean the script “Replace” from mekkabules repository? And you have the latest version of the script? Because it works for me.

And please send me one of the reports.