Report Black to White Ratios

I’ve been trying to run Mekkablue’s Report Black to White Ratio script, but keep getting a message similar to this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “Report Black to White”, line 107, in
blackArea = areaForLayer( thisLayer, PRECISION )
File “Report Black to White”, line 78, in areaForLayer
area += sizeOfSlice( cleanLayer, measurementHeight )
File “Report Black to White”, line 56, in sizeOfSlice
listOfIntersections = sliceIntersections( thisLayer, startPoint, endPoint )
File “Report Black to White”, line 48, in sliceIntersections
return measurementTool.calculateIntersectionsForLayer_startPoint_endPoint_( thisLayer, startPoint, endPoint )
AttributeError: No attribute calculateIntersectionsForLayer_startPoint_endPoint_

Seems like i’m doing something wrong, any help i greatly appreciated.


You have an outdated version of the script. Redownload and try again, please.

Thank You Mekkablue, and thanks for all the great scripts.