Reporter plugin performance

It is very likely that you have already thought about this but wanted to ask the question.

When you have a good ammount of text and you are using a report plugin that draws on inactive layers it happents that Edit view can get really slow. I assume this happens because Glyphs is constantly drawing a lot of things,

Wouldn’t it be useful if Glyphs only drew on some of the Inactive layers, like the ones that are inside the viewport or sorrounding the cursor or active glyph?

Is this possible? This can improve something?


There is some checking going on. So it should not draw layers that are very far away. But some reporters might check that. Do you have a reporter that is causing this?

I remembered this a few days ago while using @mekkablue Show Kerning. in G2. In my case I only really need to see values of only a few lines close to my cursor.

So is something that can be controlled by the plugin? Is there a plugin that is using it so I can check how this work?

I check it and it seems that the plugin need to check this.

I rewrote the Show Kerning Values code, it should be much faster now, and only render the values visible in the viewport.

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Awesome, just tested the new version and the change in performance is huge!
I’m looking at the code and I think it would be useful for me and probably other plugins.
Thank you both!

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