Reporter stop runnung when caret at EOL

When the caret in an Edit Tab is at the EOL or a newline layer, it is disabled. I think I requested that before but cannot find. Is it possible to keep them running? It produces unexpected behaviour of many plugins (for example “Synced Tabs”) and it seems to be impossible to work around that as a developer :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

The reporter is most likely using one of the “drawLayer” methods. If you use a more general “drawBackground” or “drawForeground”, it should be always called.

It uses background and/or foreground (not drawLayer, This one as well as drawForeground are not found in the documentation of the SDK, also I tried to swap foreground with drawForeground, but then nothing is drawn at all.

Or do you mean I should add them as callbacks a la DRAWFOREGROUND? But even then it doesn’t work (I checked in my Skedge plugin, which uses this method)

What plugin can I have a look at to see the problem?