Reports: Bad reference...?

Hello there,
I am having a funny bug report — the idotless all of sudden disappeared in the linked glyphs and now, this appears (see below). Every time I try to double click on the idotless glyph, the software is crashing. Relinking doesn’t work either. Any hints?

Ok, managed myself by deleting glyph and pasting back in.

This is covered in the handbook. Most likely a component referencing a glyph that does not exist, or referencing the glyph it is in.

How does this work for glyphs that are in the GlyphData.xml and have one component?

For example: if you add one.full with Add Glyphs it makes the glyph with a component of one in it. If I then decompose the component and want to build the glyph from component again with Make Component Glyph, it show the bad reference sign.

Fixed it. thanks.