Request function/method list

Where can I check all functions/methods of script.

For example, the GSPath.area() method cannot be found through the webpage

Is there any document?

Thanks a lot.

In the Macro panel, run the following code to see all available methods of an object:


Note that this includes methods that are not publicly exposed and may therefor change or be removed at any time. It’s saver to only use the methods from the documentation. In the case of area(), that might get added to the documentation.

There is a script in the Mekkablue repo that shows the available methods but removes a lot low level stuff.

If you find a methods that is useful to you, please report (here or in the glyphSDK repo) it so that we can add it to the documentation.

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How to view the Mekkablue repo? :joy:

Thanks Tosche.:slight_smile:

Best to install the mekkablue scripts through the plugin manager.