Request: Lasso Tool



Hey… That cool new lasso tool you added to Glyphs Mini? Can we get that in the full version? Please? :slight_smile:


One day maybe. :slight_smile: Let’s see if it is any good in Mini first.


I’d like to see that too :thumbsup:


Oui oui oui moi aussi!


Oh pretty please! I do a lot of logotypes etc in Glyphs, not just type design (far superior working environment to Illustrator). It would be such a boon.

I.e. when I want to move my /a a little further from the /h, it’s a big job just to make the selection. A lasso tool would reduce (some of) this aiming and clicking of points.


I am also in favor of a lasso for full version.


The lasso tool will be available in a future version.


Great news, thanks Georg.


Just wanted to check in to see if you’re still exploring on making this available?


It will be included in a future version of Glyphs.