Request: paste into Features text box

I’m on 1.3.23 (should I be on the upgrade track? All of my fonts are in Git repos) and doing Pecita-level OpenType substitution. Because of this, I’d like to work in my text editor of choice and, at the very least, copy and paste OpenType code into the text box. (Being able to define these sorts of things in an external file would be even better, but that’s not strictly necessary.)

Trouble is, I can copy from it, but can’t paste to it. When I press cmd-v I get a flash in the Edit menu, but nothing appears to happen.

I cannot reproduce this in 1.3.23 [501]. Did you uncheck the automatic generation of the feature?

Yes, I unchecked automatic generation.

It seems that some characters break paste functionality if they’re in the copied text.

The following doesn’t copy from TextEdit or BBEdit:


Just out of curiosity: What do you need the degree sign, em dashes, and ellipses for in the AFDKO code? They can break the code, even inside a comment.

I don’t need them – that’s why I removed them. I’m just in the habit of using fancypants Unicode characters in comments.

I think I can fix this.

I have the same problem! I can’t copy and paste from Coda to Features Panel and from Textedit to Features Panel.

my version Version 1.4.3 (565)

The you probably have some illegal characters in the text. I should add a error message about that.