Request: Run Python script with AppleScript

AppleScript has a very limited range of operations. If AppleScript can execute Python script with methods like “do script” “do script file”, the possibilities will expand.

What do you like to do with AppleScript? Running python from AppleScript is not easy as they run in quite different environments. Python is mostly used from within the app, AS from outside. Exposing the functionality outside of Glyphs is the tricky part.

Did you see this:

AS from outside.

I want to do this. The desktop application can incorporate AppleScript. We will be able to implement GUI and database etc easily. The Python script is much more fulfilling, so I thought that the possibility would expand if we could use it from the outside.

If you use the method I posted above, you can build a app using py2app fully in python, and then connect to Glyphs from there.

If you tell me what you like to do, I might be able to add functionality to the AppleScript support in Glyphs. Maybe we can discuss this by email?

I will send you an email (info@…) in a few days.