Request: Undo/Redo notice somewhere else

I use the Undo/Redo to see the effect of my corrections on outlines. I would like the Undo/Redo notice to be place somewhere else. Now it is showing in the middel of the bottom half of my screen. I have got used to the one window constrain of Glyphs*. When you have the preview open, the Undo/Redo notice is exactly on top of the preview.

The notice, even short as it is, distracts my eyes too much.

It would be nice if we could just disable it. It distracts me too.
Especially because 90% of those undo’s are not descriptive at all ( "Undo: " ) and that looks like a mistake.

Agree as well. It is a good option for starting out, but in time it becomes a hassle.

Agreed. It is very distracting.

What about putting it in the top left or right corner?

Sounds fine, as long it is not over the white area. :slight_smile: