Requests regarding changes to how Glyphs handles .pc glyphs

I recently started adding petite caps to my font and have discovered a few small peculiarities in how they are handled in the program compared to small caps.

  • By default, a generated .pc glyph has its case set to Upper compared to .sc glyphs that are set to SC.

  • There is no central place to view all .pc glyphs, though they can be sent to the Small Caps sub category by manually changing their case to SC.

  • The glyph generator button in the Small Caps sub category can generate .sc glyphs but not .pc glyphs.

  • There is no separate sub category where Petite Caps can be exclusively found.

I believe the following changes should be introduced.

.pc glyphs should have their base case set to SC or to a newly implemented PC case.

The Small Caps language subcategory glyph generator should either gain the ability to generate .pc glyphs in addition to .sc glyphs, or have a separate Petite Caps sub category created for them where they can be generated.

I can see that the “small cap” case is assigned by default. But the other UI changes are probably not going to happen because petite caps aren’t common enough to warrant it, are they?

They might not be. If it isn’t seen as necessary then that is fine. Simply changing their default casing should be fine for now. The rest can probably be looked at again later if there is more interest in seeing them implemented.

A similar rudimentary .pc generator would be very useful for checking for missing glyphs, especially when you are dealing with hundreds of them. But as you say, it might be a bit too niche use-case at present to implement it.

A trick to generate a lot alternate glyphs is to duplicate the base glyphs in font view and then use the find and replace in the glyph names to replace the “.001” suffix into “.pc” or “.pcap”.

Thanks, I’ll try doing that then.