Reselect a dropped selection

When I select several parts of a line, copy and paste. It is pasted in the same place. All OK. If I make an error i picking it up to move the selection it is deselected. Now I can’t reselect it as double-clicking selects the whole shape and not the pasted part. Its as though it was pasted behind the original. The only way is to select the whole shape, move it out of the way, then select the bit I want, move it, then move the original back again. I presume there’s an easier way to reselect a dropped line?

Sometimes I’m lucky and I select the bits I want, other times the whole is selected.
Sometimes when selecting I notice that the double-click action has changed the line a bit (only noticed if I have a copy in the Background), which is not what I want. How can I avoid editing in error.

Are there any additional ways to make a selection of segments, part or whole – such as Opt-Click, Shift Opt-Click?

You could try to move the copied parts by using the keyboard. That makes it less likely to deselect it.

I’ll get used to it, just seems odd that it’s ‘behind’ the main outline.

I’ll have a look at that.