ResponsiveLettering by Letterror


Hi, has anyone tried Responsivelettering.plugin? It seems that it does install successfully in Glyphs, but I can’t find a menu access to it. Does it even work in Glyphs? In the documentation, it says that it only works in Robofont, but I’m wondering if there is a workaround.

Thank you!


Try the Glyphs fork:


Just reinstalled with this version and still can’t access it. Hum :thinking:


Make sure all dependencies are installed. Take a look in the Macro Window and see if there is a traceback that points you in the right direction.


Following up on this: installed and the issues in the macros were resolved: however mojo.UI is required and can’t find anything to make that work on Glyphs.

Has anybody successfully used Responsive Lettering on Glyphs?