Returning blank for accents in GSGlyphsInfo?

Font = Glyphs.font
FontMaster = Font.selectedFontMaster
selectedLayers = Font.selectedLayers
for thisLayer in selectedLayers:
	thisGlyph = thisLayer.parent
	thisGlyphInfo = GSGlyphsInfo.glyphInfoForName_( )
print thisGlyphInfo.accents

Only returns:

<native-selector accents of <GlyphInfo: <0x6000006f9080> N:c, U:0063, Sc:latin, Cat:Letter, SubCat:Lowercase production: (null), sort: (null) Components:(null)>>

Even print thisGlyphInfo still gives me only:

<GlyphInfo: <0x608003ee9900> N:c, U:0063, Sc:latin, Cat:Letter, SubCat:Lowercase production: (null), sort: (null) Components:(null)>

Nothing about the accents? I’m trying to create a script that will process selected glyphs (which will be calt glyphs) and check which accented characters exist in the font for that base glyph then create accented calt glyphs.

i.e. I have:

n, ntilde, nacute, n.alt, t, tcaron, t.tail,

and will select

n.alt, t.tail,

and then create ntilde.alt, nacute.alt, tcaron.tail.

That has to be:

print thisGlyphInfo.accents()

If you get this error message:

That means you are printing the method and not what the method is supposed to return. For often used methods, I added some wrapper code to make it more python friendly. For all not wrapped methods, you need to use the syntax that is provided by the pyObjC bridge.

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Thanks Georg, I’m still new to the structure of Python!