Reversing Metrics links/references

Hi, is there a way make a LSB or RSB that is “attached” to another glyph go to an absolute number?

LSB V (20) W RSB V(20) >>> LSB 20 W RSB 20

do it manually in one glyph it’s easy, but I need to do that in a bunch of them.

Use mekkablue’s script Delete metrics keys.

Thanks! =D

if I’m not asking much, is there a way to do it in only one master?

You can use the =20 or ==20 as a metrics key. The former is then active for the hole glyph, the later for the current layer.

Yep, I know that, but I started a master by duplicating other – It’s a layer font with unusual needs – all the metrics are already ==, if I update in the new weight, it will mess up everything, because the rules don’t apply on the second master. – here’s a picture, I don’t know if I’m explaining well my situation. –

You have ==A in there. Try ==20.