Right click sidebar categories to add in bulk

Hey all, wondering if the ability to add glyphs in bulk by right clicking categories in the sidebar was removed in Glyphs 3, I can’t get it to work :slightly_frowning_face:

The process is outlined in this support doc, but seems like these screenshots are from an older version

It works fine for me. The first method described is the one I normally use. Note that it only works on sub-categories.

Hmm, then maybe I’ll need to submit a bug report. What version are you using? I tried both the most recent public release 3.03 and the beta 3.04

What input device are you using?

If I understand your question correctly (let me know if I don’t) – I’ve tried using both my trackpad and an Apple Magic Mouse 2. No luck with either. I’m on a 2019 MB Pro.

can you make a screen recording of your attempt to open the menu?

Yes, not much to look at though. Here is a video of me trying to right click, option+click, and a few other key/click combos. Because I’m a new user and cannot upload attachments, you can view the screen recording here.

There is a lot to look at: Right clicking only works in the Languages section of the sidebar.