Right side bearing formula does not update

Please, see the video.

Not sure when it started, I guess between 3092 and 3094 (my current) builds.

Can you send me that .glyphs file?

Already did, check your DM :slightly_smiling_face:

The font has set “isFixedPitch”, so all glyphs are set to the same width (of the space glyph).

When you add a width metrics key (=space), syncing the RSB will move the outline to the right.

Uh, got it :slightly_smiling_face:

Didn’t suspect it works for literrally all glyphs, even for components!

OK, so I have a choise: remove isFixedPitch and Font Book stops recongnize the font as monospaced or remove components. OK, I’ll think.

Thank you!

No, you can keep the components. I explained it.

But you don’t need the metrics key in the _part glyphs, as the RSB is always determined by the width.