Right Sidebearing Value

I enter a value of 45 to set the right sidebearing. When I press return the value changes to 44.93

That is because your outline misses an extreme point or is otherwise not aligned to the grid. Setting the RSB set the Width, which is rounded. Then the RSB is calculated from the not aligned outlines and shows a fraction value.

Thank you Georg.

I am struggling to follow your instructions. See attached screen grab to identify my errorFractioned Value RSB.pdf (243.2 KB). Thanks.

I didn’t give instructions, only an explanation. The RSB is not a values that is stored in the font, it is just the measured distance between the rightmost part of the glyph and the right side of the bounding box. As I suspected you don’t have an extreme point and thous the bounding box of the outline does not align with the grid.
There is nothing you need to do.

Thank you Georg.