Risks with importing otf

Hello all,

I’m importing an otf of a typeface that was created with FontLab Studio 5, and I’m surprised at how neat everything looks. It seems to have copied all kerning, including kerning classes. Are there any known issues to watch out for? If all kern classes are intact, kerning values seem to be intact as well, and even exceptions are working as expected, can I assume that all kerning is intact? I’m on a tight schedule, so any pointers would be appreciated!

Read this please:

I have read that, and it advices me to use the original vfb to port to Glyphs, but it doesn’t tell me why. I don’t see the drawback of importing an otf.

One drawback is that you loose all components. And the names of you kerning classes and anchors.

Huh? The whole tutorial is about nothing else. OpenType feature code, hinting information, component structures…

Ah, you’re right. My apologies, don’t know how I missed that.